4 Common Reasons Disability Benefits Applications Are Denied

If you have a mental or physical disability that prevents you from holding full time employment, disability benefits from the Social Security Administration can help keep you afloat financially. Unfortunately, many initial applications for disability benefits are denied. You will have the chance to appeal your denial, but it is a good idea to understand why your original application was not approved. Some of the most common reasons applications for disability benefits are denied are: [Read More]

Don't Sabotage Your Workers' Compensation Case With These Three Actions

When you are wanting your company to compensate you for injuries sustained at work, it can be a challenging process if you have not been through it in the past. Sabotaging yourself can be easy, since you're not sure exactly how you should be proceeding. Here are just a few of the mistakes you should be careful not to make along the way. Thinking You Can File at Any Time [Read More]

3 Signs That It Might Be Time To Hire A Divorce Attorney

It can be hard to determine whether you are on the fast track to needing to retain a divorce attorney. To help you decide whether you might need to start looking for the best legal representation, you will want to check out the following points. Your Talks To Settle Things Outside Of Court Are Not Going Anywhere Some people will try to settle their personal and financial matters outside of the court room. [Read More]

What Are Some Tips For Filing A Workers' Comp Claim?

When you are injured on-the-job, you are entitled to coverage from workers' compensation. This includes helping to pay for medical visits, surgery, recovery, and missing income. If you are filling a workers' comp claim, make sure you take the following actions to increase the chances of having it approved. Let Your Employer Know In order to get approved for workers' compensation, you need to inform your employer. The workers' comp office might ask if you went to an approved physician, so letting your employer and the human resources department know about your injury should be one of the first things you do. [Read More]