Ex Parte Divorce: What It Is and Why You Would File for One

Ex parte divorce is a divorce wherein your former and/or estranged spouse does not participate. In many states, your ex must be served with due notice that you are filing for divorce. In other states, if you have not heard from or seen your ex in years, a presumption of death or an assumption that your ex has left the country is taken in lieu of direct contact. Here is more on an ex parte divorce and why you would file for one. [Read More]

Tips For Testifying In A Family Law Case

If you need to testify in court for your family law case, then it is important that you understand how to do so successfully. Since the courts rely on your testimony to help make their decisions in your case, being able to successfully testify may mean the difference between winning and losing in court. To this end, below are some tips to help you effectively testify in your family law case: [Read More]

Two Reasons Why You Need An Attorney After A Car Accident

A car accident is one life event that can leave a person reeling.  If you've recently been in a collision, you may be dealing with not only emotional turmoil, but potentially serious injuries as well.  That's why it's so vital for you to get a lawyer on your side immediately following a car accident.  Learning more about the benefits of car accident attorneys can help you see why it's so important for you to work with one right away. [Read More]

Why Filing For Bankruptcy May Not Prevent Your Eviction

In many cases, filing for bankruptcy will stop your landlord from evicting you, but it is not guaranteed. There are situations where you can still get evicted despite your ongoing bankruptcy process. Here are three examples of such situations: If You are Illegal Use of Controlled Substances A controlled substance is one whose use has been regulated by the government because of the detrimental effects it can have on a person's welfare or health. [Read More]