Are There Cons To Filing Divorce Pro Se?

The term "pro se" is Latin for "on one's own behalf" or "for oneself," and pro se divorce proceedings have become especially common among couples who have no major disputes and want to complete their filings for a minimal amount of money. While these types of divorces can be beneficial for spouses that are committed to a mutually satisfying settlement, proceeding pro se can have enormous consequences for several other individuals. [Read More]

3 Defenses To Present If Someone Sues You For Personal Injury

Accidents happen every single day, but they do not all end up in lawsuits. If someone decides to sue you for an accident you were involved with, you may easily be able to get out of it if you have the right evidence. Here are three things you will need to prove in order to avoid paying out compensation to the plaintiff that is suing you. You Did Not Owe Duty of Care [Read More]

3 Mistakes You Don't Want To Make In Your Car Accident Claim

Being involved in a car accident can be one of the most traumatizing experiences of your life. Regardless of whether you were sitting at a stoplight and someone rear-ended you or you were driving down the road when someone careened into the side of your vehicle, an accident can cause a number of problems. From vehicle repairs to injuries and more, you are going to have to deal with a number of different things along the way. [Read More]

What You Should Know About Drug Manufacturing Charges

There are numerous ways you can be arrested and charged for manufacturing drugs. These kind of charges bring devastating consequences, so before you think of engaging in such an activity to cope with economic pressures or to produce a substance for a health/recreational reasons, you should know the facts. If you have been charged with this type of crime, you will need to know what to do: The Laws Unfortunately, there are many ways you can receive manufacturing/distribution charges, including: [Read More]